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Larry Clay Lonis

Everything you need to know about Larry Clay Lonis | Dallas Fort Worth Krav Maga

Larry Clay Lonis

Currently invoved with the following businesses:

Larry Clay Lonis In Ministry and Motivational Speaking with All Works For Good ministries.

Larry Clay Lonis Business Coaching and mentoring

Larry Clay Lonis Krav Maga Instructor Grapevine, TX / Southlake TX Krav Maga

Larry Clay Lonis Southlake, TX / Grapevine, TX Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Larry Clay Lonis Southlake, TX / Grapevine, TX Kids Martial Arts Classes

Larry Clay Lonis Southlake Grapevine TX Boot camps

Larry Clay Lonis Grapevine, TX / Southlake, TX Kickboxing


Larry Clay Lonis's Background

Larry Clay Lonis's Experience

Ministry at

November 2008 - Present | Southlake, TX

Ministry, Motivational Speaking, Business Mentor, Business Coaching, Business Masterminds Speaker

Chief Instructor at Monster X Camp

November 1996 - Present | Grapevine and Southlake, TX

Instruction of Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Stick and Knife (Pikiti Tirsia), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Fight Program, Kids Martial Arts

Larry Clay Lonis's Education

South Plains College

1994 – 1995

Concentration: Business Admin / Psychology

Activities: Basketball Martial Arts

Larry Clay Lonis's Interests & Activities

The obvious stuff "about me": 6'8" 289lbs., athletic build, green eyes, brown hair. The other stuff: I'm a bit laughy. What you may not know “about me”……. I'm blessed to have an amazing girlfriend who is RUNNING after GOD. My heroes: My GOD, Jesus Christ, My Grandfather, and Grandmother. Willing to do whatever necessary to draw nearer to my GOD. He has done an amazing work in me and completely reformed me after pulling me through a previous life of trial without a spot on my garments, and without a reason to fear this world. I believe FULLY in loving people into the Church (Eph 4:15). I still have yet to see ONE person be put into a healthy relationship with the KING after being bible beaten into the Church, as compared to trying to live up to the expectations of their peers. I'm indignant against gossip in the church. I've seen firsthand what type of problems it can cause between people (Prov 16:21). I believe religion is man's attempt to get closer to God and in some cases even his attempt to be worshipped in his congregation as if he himself was a God. I believe people "are where they are" and that everyone is in their own process. That doesn't mean I leave them where they stand...we are meant to sharpen one another, but again, by 'speaking the truth in love'. The bible is symbolic in many instances but in a very life giving and life 'meaning' way. (Prov 27:17) Iron does sharpen Iron, but not by a hard smashing from one piece to another, but by a smooth rub from one piece to another. While all of this is true, I'm still not one to challenge your beliefs or to be the one to come down on you for how you think UNLESS it affects those that I care about, misleads others into a path of death, or unless it effects or my peace with GOD. Even then, I will still do my best to say whatever I may think, as tactfully as possible, and with care of your feelings. I am secure while inside this world around me, regardless of how sane or corrupt many may think it is. I don't live on this world's economy, and because of Grace, am under the rule only of the King of Kings. While everyone is worried about the economy and all of the other "problems", I merely just try to stay focused on my Lord, that truly makes 'all work for good' (Rom 8:28). I stay guarded yet peaceful. At the risk of sounding too harsh, one can't help but to be skeptical of the people around him, while seeing that most people believe in philosophies that read "save the trees, but kill the babies". I've been called a 'gentle giant' by many (not to be confused with the "jolly green giant" from the frozen food section of the grocery store, please), "The Krav Maga guy", by others, but the only true identity I ever want to have been known for by this world when I leave is to be known as "A man who loved his GOD and Savior, and a man who loved his Brother's and Sisters...his FATHER'S children...the way the FATHER wanted him too" . My view and advice to everyone: Stand firm but be tolerant and care for others regardless of their ways and views. Otherwise they have no reason to listen or accept your way as their own. Ask questions that make them think, instead of coming down for what they think they currently believe. Give questions them a reason to listen to you, not statements that give a reason to argue against you. Want to know more about me and why I think the way I do??? Check out my ministry site ( and then look at my Krav Maga self defense facilities ( and

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